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  • 1W White LED
    Description: 1w white led , 1w cool white led, 1w warm white led, 2500K, 2800-3000K 4000K 5000K 6000-6500K 7000-8000K 15000-20000K, Bridgelux chips 130-140lm, 1w white star LED , 1w white with star PCB  Learn more..
  • Price: $0.15
    1 Piece(Min-Order)
  • 1w UV LED
    Description: 1w uv led , 1w uv with star PCB ,365nm 365-370nm 370-375nm 375-380nm 380-385nm 385-390nm 390-395nm 395-400nm 400-405nm 405-410nm 410-415nm 415-420nm 520-425nm 430-440nm  Learn more..
  • Price: $0.43
    1 Piece(Min-Order)
  • 1W Infrared LED
    Description: 1W Infrared LED, 1w Far Red LED , 1w IR LED 670nm 680nm 690nm 700nm 730nm 720nm 740nm 745nm 760-770nm 780-790nm 800-810nm 810-820nm 820-830nm 830-840nm 880-890nm 850nm 940nm 970-980nm 980-990nm 990-1000nm 1020nm 1050nm 680-690nm 670-680nm 690-700nm  Learn more..
  • Price: $0.54
    1 Piece(Min-Order)
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